Sunday 12 April 2009

Dominie and her wheeled carriage

Dominie is managing extraordinarily well with her wheels. Today she stuttered out to the kitchen for her customary pre-walk drink of water – wise animal! It would be impossible to leave the house without her knowledge for she is extremely alert and very sure she does not want to be denied any outings with the humans and the rest of the canines.
On occasions when she is left solitary in the sitting room and unable to get to her feet to join the rest of the pack in the kitchen, she cries piteously. It is not always thus. Often she can manoeuvre herself off her bed and onto her feet and then she delights us by coming to meet us.
She has been strong today and it was a pleasure to see her in the forest trucking along. She fell over only once. We know she is getting ready to travel on but for the moment she is happy and willing to stay with us. Her appetite is good, she is not in pain and she maintains her position as head of the pack. She greets all her friends, human and otherwise, with considerable grace and pleasure. She will know, as we will know, when it is time for her to take the next step. It's in the eyes . . .

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  1. I have enjoyed reading about Dominie and your other pups. What a lovely family you have.


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