Tuesday, 28 April 2009

Mice can’t burp

Someone I know of had a rodent problem - there was a mouse in her car and she couldn't get it out. She tried a humane trap and the mouse escaped. She tried an inhumane trap and the mouse triggered the mechanism but escaped capture. She tried laying a trail of tasty treats out of and away from the vehicle – the mouse didn't bite.

Then someone else sent her some advice about a tried and tested solution which had worked in their tool shed. Assuming the car is not required for any journeys for a couple of days, a bowl of Coca-Cola is left inside. The mouse drinks it and is filled with gas; because it cannot burp to relieve the pressure it seeks the outside for air and eventually explodes, hopefully well away from anything you don't want covered in shreds of mouse. I presume Pepsi-Cola or any other carbonated drink would work just as efficiently or maybe it's the 'special ingredients' in Coca-Cola that are necessary. (It's also supposed to be very good at removing grime!)

I can't imagine Coca-Cola will be advertising their product's unique property in an effort to boost sales but you never know.

Mouse Coke – it's the real thing to solve your vermin problem!

'I'd like to teach the mice to drink

A bowl of Coke for me,

I'd like to see them try to burp

Exploding messily.

It's the cruel thing!'
I don't think I could use this remedy but maybe I'm not desperate enough.


  1. It's ok, you were in time for Paw It Forward! I just need your address. I'm busy thinking about what I'm going to send.

  2. I would send Rosie the cat she is a mouse serial killer ! No chance for the mouse !


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