Sunday 26 April 2009

To walk or not to walk?

Bethan is back in London having done sterling dog-sitting (and cat-company-keeping) duties while Barry and I had a really enjoyable evening out. We weren't too late getting home as the place we went to was only a few miles away. Buddy Liver Spots and Frodo the Faller had whinged a bit but Dominie and Jenna-the-Labrador were as good as gold. Monty Ocicat beat up Winston Ocicat for no apparent reason – Winston was actually asleep when the assault started. Monty wanted some action – any action – sometimes he behaves like a bored teenager agitating just for the sake of getting a reaction. Peace was soon restored as Winston avoids conflict at all costs and Monty can be distracted from his evil intentions with a toy or a treat.

All was quiet through the night with no repetition of middle-of-the-night carpet cleaning but today Buddy was very restless. I thought it might be because Bethan was at home; he is her dog, she is his person – though he's not usually unsettled when she's here. However, it seems that he was suffering from an attack of discospondylitis and was in some pain. I gave him some Metacam and he became a little calmer. He was really keen to go out, rushing to the front door every time one of us set foot near it but we were not sure if walking would be good for him this evening. We couldn't possibly go out and leave him behind - he would have noticed!

Ultimately we decided to take all the hounds out for some air and they all really enjoyed it, as they always do. Buddy is still fussing, maybe still uncomfortable, but I'm sure a good night's sleep on our bed, between the two of us like a thermal bolster, will set him up for whatever tomorrow may bring. Of course that may include a visit to our vet – we shall see!

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