Saturday, 11 April 2009

The Endless Saga of the Endless Pool – painting the Pool Room

The Pool Room is built of untreated wood and so the paint had to be chosen accordingly. It was an interesting voyage of discovery seeking a paint that would be subject to humidity and condensation and that could be used indoors. Barry had a few amusing conversations when he and the people he was phoning were at cross purposes over the meaning of a Pool Room. While they were envisaging green baize and cue balls he was talking about dampness!

Most paints recommended for wood protection can only be used outside since they contain chemicals harmful to people. Alarmingly, Barry learnt that many recommendations for indoor paint from suppliers of wooden buildings were considered dangerous to health by paint suppliers when used in situations where humidity would be a factor.

There was a substantial area to be covered, including a large expanse of ceiling, needing six to seven coats so it was also important that it could be applied by roller as well as brush. Eventually, on advice, particularly regarding health, he opted for Mylands Danish Oil which would provide adequate wood preservation and be safe for humans in a humid internal environment.

There followed days of fume-induced head-aching painting but finally the interior was finished. Now it was time to tackle the outside.

Barry decided to use Cuprinol Total Garden Wood Treatment because it was sprayable, making the work much easier for large areas, in particular those not easily reached. The coverage was impressively swift, especially of Barry. He looked like a leprechaun, his clothes a shade of green not often seen. The back of his neck had been sprayed to match and his face resembled a differently coloured reverse panda.

It has been breezy since the first treatment so he has been unable to apply a further coat.

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