Tuesday, 7 April 2009


I've just watched three really good podcasts from ''

Episode 419 was 'Parrot Tricks' and featured a delightful and intelligent green parrot with a striking red beak. The next most entertaining one, Episode 421, was the 'Rapping Flight Attendant' from South West Airlines and if you've ever sat, numb with boredom, while the flight attendant goes through the standard instructions, you'll appreciate this.

By far the best, for this watcher anyway, was Episode 420 by 'Baaa-Studs 2009' presenting 'Extreme Shepherding' in 'Extreme Sheep LED Art'. It's an amazing, clever video involving white sheep, black sheep, sheep dogs, LED lights, wonderful choreography, music and, above all, some very skilled shepherds. Heart-warming and thoroughly enjoyable entertainment!

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