Thursday, 16 April 2009

Goodbye old car, hello new . . .

On Wednesday we said goodbye to our tried and trusty, old not rusty red and battered Citroën. It was quickly loaded onto a transporter and carried away out of our lives forever and not a tear was shed at our parting. On Thursday we took ownership of our new silver looks-like-a-van-but-is-actually-a-car, also a Citroën.
The dogs were intrigued by this different vehicle but no doubt will soon have it smelling just the way they want it. I am relieved that it can be locked and hope we have experienced the last of strange vehicular incidents.

It is pleasant to sit up high and be able to look over hedges. It gives a sense, probably quite false, of added safety and if it lasts as long as the old Citroën we shall be pleased indeed.

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