Sunday 3 January 2010

Camera Critters #91, Pet Pride Control those ears!

Gus: Look, Jenna, I can keep up with you now. Please may I carry the ball for a bit?
Jenna: You need to control your ears first. You don't look like a proper retriever with them flying around like that.

Gus: Is this better?
Jenna: H'mm, a little - but you still look more like a bird than a Labrador.

Gus: Any improvement?
Jenna: Getting there.

Gus: Now can I have the ball? Please?
Jenna: When you've got full control of your ears all the time, you can retrieve with me - and Tia and Foxy when they come to play.
Gus: (mumbling) Foxy doesn't retrieve much any way, not unless it's biscuits . . .

Jenna: (gently chiding) Now that's not nice, Gus dear.
Gus: Sorry, Jenna - didn't mean to be unkind 'coz I like Foxy.
Jenna: So do we all. Time for home and supper now, I think.

Thank you to the hard-working creators and hosts of these memes which we all enjoy so much. To see more Camera Critters or Pet Prideful photos please click on the titles.


  1. Cute shots of Gus and Jenna. I think Gus looks cute with his ears flying about.

  2. Shh, so do we . . . tee hee!

  3. I love the ears, one of the best bits of a dog, and humans too.

    Thanks for these wonderful and heartwarming photos and their captions. Nothing beats anthropomorphizing, though we do know our animals well.

    I can certainly speak for our dog. He'd love to have a companion with whom to compete like Gus and Jenna.

  4. Hey
    Sorry I posted late but the 1st post of Pet Pride for the year 2010 is up now! Hope to see you there!


    Pet Pride

  5. Elisabeth - human ears (and noses) carry on growing throughout our lives, or is that an urban myth? I don't think dogs' noses do . . . :-)

  6. I love how Molly's ears flap when she runs and plays ... especially with other labs! She's more willing to share HER ball with others ;-)
    Hugs and blessings,

  7. storyteller - Jenna shares with the other adult Labs; she's just waiting for Gus to grow up a bit (I hope . . . )

  8. Dianne, Janie - I have to confess that the ears on all our dogs fly out when they gallop - and I love it! Inside out ears are a feature of puppies, too.


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