Thursday 28 January 2010

Word verification

The letter sequences that appear for ‘word verification’ are bizarre and unpronounceable – until you practise. I’m sure I’m not the only one to have thought of this but I decided to make a note of the ‘words’ I was asked to copy. So, since yesterday I have written down some of the sequences I tapped in. In alphabetical order they are:-
aftera arlegra balenes colonic comalkin diterai faire gongle hypteda inesswei micklik pinesti resmul rhaciter sates snons thufa tisin tomakin
Now, what to do with them? I wrote some doggerel.
Aftera the balenes
Faire gongle inesswei
Arlegra to thufa
Snons tisin diterai

Hypteda in resmul
Sates thufa tomakin
Colonic for micklik
Pinesti rhaciter

What would you do with them? I'm sure I'm not the only person ever to have considered using them as more than verification – and incidentally, why is the symbol that of a wheelchair user? Is it perhaps a subtle, snide comment on the efforts of us lesser mortals?


  1. Hi
    Interesting blog. I notice that one of your favourite films is Zulu. That being the case, you may be interested in viewing my recent post where I have a local connection. You may also find some of your other interests catered for. I hope you do visit soon and enjoy the photos.

  2. I have long been fascinated by all word verification. Love what you have done!

  3. Thank you both.
    Angie, perhaps we should start a word verification usage thread ;-)

  4. The wheelchair symbol is puzzling. I like the doggerel. At least it makes some use of these ridiculous "words".


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