Sunday 17 January 2010

Today's Flowers #75

Tulips are Barry's favourite Spring flowers so when I saw these I had to buy them. The tulips in our garden are showing their stems and leaves but the buds aren't visible yet. These flowers are reliable and cheering perennials and come in many different guises but we both really like the simplest blooms though the multi-flowered tulips are beautiful too.
I would try to claim that my photographs are 'artistic renditions' but the truth is that I was impatient and didn't take enough time - tut, tut!

Thank you to the Today's Flowers team for organising and hosting this meme. Please click here to see beautiful flowers from around the world.


  1. Hello dear friend,
    wow wonderful flowers...also magnificent posts!
    Thanks so much for your kind visit and comment at my CC post.
    You are very gentle.
    Have a blessed and nice week
    Enjoy the perfume of these fabulous flowers,

  2. Tulips, whether purchased or in the flowerbed, are such a welcome sign of spring!

  3. Aww tulips are one of the most expensive flower here in the Philippines, we don't grow it here so we have to import them. Beautiful.

  4. Pretty tulips. The colors blend well together.

  5. Tulips to me are always from Holland. My mother's country. I love them therefore.

  6. Thank you everyone - I'm happy to note that tulips are so much appreciated :-)

  7. Tulips are such a great reminder of spring. Cheery photos!

  8. Sign of spring? I always start singing 'Tulips from Amsterdam' & now I can't stop. Very nice Todays Flowers.

  9. Thanks Angie - now I'm singing it! It brought to mind 'Tiptoe through the tulips' too - unfortunately ;-)


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