Sunday 10 January 2010

Pet Pride

Jenna: Good! Janice has thrown a bright pink ball for me! Should be easy enough to find.
Frodo: What? Oh, yes - so she has!

Jenna: Nearly there! This is sooo easy!

Jenna: Where'd it go?
Janice: Look,look,look!
Jenna:  I am, I am . . .

Jenna: Phew! Found it!

Gus: Off we go again. This is fun!
Buddy: It's all right for you Labradors with your thick coats.
Frodo: Come on, Buddy, it's not that bad . . . brrrr!!!

Gus: Are you touching the bottom yet?
Jenna: Oh yes! It's quite deep though . . .

Gus: Jenna? Where are you? Jenna!

Jenna: Boo!
Gus: You made me jump . . .

Jenna: Silly boy!
Thank you to Bozo and his human for organising and hosting this great meme.
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  1. I love this snow romp. My big girls would love it . littles no

  2. Looks like you are having lots of fun in the snow. I love running through deep snow too and I have a thick coat also.

    Visiting from Pet Pride.

  3. Boy, you guys sure do have fun in the snow! Wish we were there to play, too! Well, actually, Sam is too short to have much fun in that deep snow, but he could watch and make lots of noise cheering us on!
    Have a great day, guys!

    Mojo and Sam
    And me, too

  4. Yes, you need long legs to gambol in the snow! Gus's legs are growing day by day . . . ;-)

  5. What a delightful series in the snowy conditions. I suspect Molly would find it strange ... yet oddly similar to her sandy beach experiences. I marvel that she'll actually pick up a tennis ball covered with sand and bring it back for me to throw again. Methinks you've seen Molly in my tamale post at Sacred Ruminations. I suspect you'll enjoy the Colorful Miscellany at Small Reflections ;-)
    Hugs and blessings,

  6. Oh wow, that looks really fun!


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