Sunday 17 January 2010

Pet Pride Poetry in Motion

Frodo the Faller, eight years old, January 2010
Thank you to Bozo and his human for hosting this lovely meme every week.
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  1. Frodo is just gorgeous. And what fun he's having in the snow.

  2. What terrific shots of Frodo! Have a fun day -- and it looks as though you are!!

    Sylvia, Sam and Mojo

  3. Fantastic shots! He looks so good against the snow!
    Like your blue icy shadows too.

  4. Your dog is like a champion race horse or a deer in motion, it's brilliant. Oh to be four legged and move like that.

  5. Thank you all - the photo credits go to Barry :-)
    Some of you know that Frodo is epileptic and sometimes has been so drugged that his coordination is badly affected. Happily, (touch wood, cross fingers . . . ) we seem to have found the right combination for him and he's much steadier these days.

  6. I love his great leaping strides. He's very graceful. Great action photos!


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