Saturday 30 January 2010

Camera Critters #95

This morning I noticed what looked like a dried-up leaf in the small space between two cupboard doors. However, there was no possibility that any plant had been anywhere near these particular cupboards so I resisted the impulse to remove it and looked a little closer. It was a moth.It was beautifully marked and soon identified as an adult Angle Shades (Phlogophora meticulosa) The adults usually fly between May and October but can be seen at any time of the year. It is quite common in the south of Britain and can often be seen resting on dead flower heads, fences or walls, where its camouflage makes it inconspicuous. The larvae live on plants like Berberis, Hazel, Oak, Silver Birch, Hops, Geraniums and Chrysanthemums. They will also feed on docks, nettles, chickweed, ivy and brambles.
Its main predator is the ichneumon wasp (Ophion luteus)
(This is my 500th post!)
Thank you to Misty Dawn for hosting this meme (hope you're feeling better soon!) To see more Critters please click here.


  1. I enlarged your photo and the moth took on the appearance of feathers. you'll have to remember not to dust too much between the cupboards and whisk him away.

  2. It's funny but as I scrolled down and saw the top part of the photo I thought it was a leaf and that I was going to see a bug on it. :)
    Then I went from that crunchy texture to seeing a soft folded cloth.
    Nice catch!

  3. Thank you both. Not much chance of him (her?) being whisked away, Chris - my housekeeper is very lazy ;-)
    Carletta, I was fascinated by this moth - and I love the name! (I might even remember it;-})

  4. Nice shot even if bugs do creep me out...:)

  5. Nice capture and a cool critter.

  6. Amazing how much the moth resembles a leaf. Great camouflage and a wonderful photo!

  7. Wow ... kewl find ... fascinating! Loved your Pet Pride photos too ... Frodo's something isn't her!
    Hugs and blessings,


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