Sunday 24 January 2010

Pet Pride Monty and Gus

Monty loves to snuggle up with a dog or two, particularly a Labrador. Yesterday Gus was the chosen companion. Monty leapt gracefully up and balanced precariously near the edge of the sofa cushion. (Sometimes he falls off!) Naturally, Gus was delighted that his friend had joined him and proceeded to chew his ear.

Me: Gus, you will be careful won't you? Be very gentle.
Gus: Yes, I'm always careful. Monty's ear is so soft.
Me: I know you mean to be careful but sometimes when you lick my feet you forget and start chewing.
Gus: Sorry!

Monty: Mmmfffrrr . . .
Gus:Eh? What did you say?
Monty: I said, 'You're squashing me.'
Gus: Just having a little rest, that's all.
Monty: Why'd you stop? I like you playing with my ear - it's relaxing.
Gus: Oh, okay.

Me: Gus . . . . ??!!
Gus: It's all right - he wants me to. I'm being gentle, really I am.
Monty: Ooh, that's nice - right there, yes . . .

Gus: Just a lick and a polish to finish off.
Monty: z z z z z z  . . .

Thank you to Bozo and his human for organising and hosting this lovely meme. If you'd like to see more just click here.


  1. what adorable photos, its so nice to see dog and cat getting along so well....

  2. Lovely scenario, cute and adorable pets you have there. Your little black lab reminds me of our own from way back when. She was a mix of black lab and Dalmation.

  3. Ah ! is that ever sweet !

    PS. Lara also has a very sweet character ! She is an adorable dog !

    My word verification is SWEET, hahaha !

  4. A adorable pair. I used to have a dog where the cats would lay on top of her and it kept her warm like a blanket. She loved all kitty's. I miss her. That was along time ago. You photos brought back memories.

    This week Tucker is really thirsty.

  5. Oh goodness - a dog licking a cat clean. I love it!

  6. These are the sweetest photos ever! How fun to see them cuddled up together!! I love them! Have a great day -- all of your!

    Sylvia, Sam and Mojo

  7. I came back for a second visit and glad I did! These photos are adorable:)

  8. What a sweet photo story. I wish Molly and Ms Kitty were such good friends.
    Hugs and blessings,


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