Thursday 28 January 2010

SkyWatch Friday Season 4 Episode 29

We have had many grey skies recently but it has been dry if a little chilly. Last Sunday there were some clouds hanging in the sky.

A little later the sun broke through and transformed the mood of the late afternoon.

The sun gilded the tops of the Scots pines and enhanced the pink buds of the Silver Birches. Since this photograph was taken the plantsmen from the Forestry Commission have planted Scots pine saplings in the furrows.  These replaced the earlier little trees that disappeared without trace. Inevitably some have already been uprooted.

Two days later the sky was afire as the sun set. Poplars and oaks stood starkly skeletal in the wonderful light. 

Thank you to the SkyWatch team for all their efforts in hosting this lovely meme. If you would like to see more skies please click here.


  1. Great reflections in the first shot and the second one makes me want to put my boots on and join you. If someone is pulling up the young trees I think that is so sad and they need their heads testing.

  2. Great series of sky photos! My favorites were the first one and the last one. Well done!

  3. great shots and colors is this in the south somewhere?

  4. Beautiful sky views ... love the reflections in the first one ;-)
    Hugs and blessings,

  5. love the reflection on the pool's pretty. the last pic looks like the place is ablazed. have a good weekend ahead!

  6. Marvelous captures! Love the reflections in the first shot! And what stunning colors in the last shot with the trees silhouetted against the sky! Beautiful! Have a great weekend!


  7. Love the colour in that last photo, although my favourite one is the reflection of the trees (your first shot).

  8. Thank you folks :-)
    Chris - I think it's more likely the saplings have been uprooted by charging dogs (and not just ours!)
    noel - yes, this is in the south, Berkshire UK

  9. What beautiful sky shots. The red sky is an amazing shade of red! And I very much like the reflection in the first photo.

  10. Janice, your tree photos really touched my winter-weary soul! What a fine collection too. Many thanks.
    Happy Skywatch Friday!
    p.s. love your full moon post :O)

  11. That first reflection shot is great. I love the last shot with the fire in the sky, too.


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