Wednesday 6 January 2010

ABC Wednesday Y

Y is for Yachts and Yachting

Yaffle is an old country name for the Green Woodpecker(Picus viridis) Yaffles sometimes visit our garden but it is more common to see Great Spotted Woodpeckers (Dendrocopus major) on our feeders.

Yellow is the colour commonly used in safety clothing.

Yellow pansies in summer

Fragrant yellow honeysuckle attracts insects.
Thank you to the ABC team for organising and hosting this entertaining meme. To see what others have chosen please click here.


  1. You have lots of variety for YOUR YELLOWS! I particularly like and YEARN for sight of the beautiful YACHTS!

  2. Boating always reminds me of the word yar, from the movie The Philadelphia Story.

  3. Beautiful watery outdoor photos around the theme of 'Y' today. Your world looks quite a bit colder than mine, but it's lovely ;-)
    Hugs and blessings,

  4. What great shots for the Y day! I love them all! Hope you have a great day!


  5. Kate - thank You! Glad you enjoYed them!
    Roger - I'm always reminded of the yardarm over which the sun has always set somewhere in the world . . . ;-)
    Happily Retired - yes, 'tis a bit chilly here :-)
    Sylvia - thank you. I have enjoyed my day looking out at the blanket of white . . .

  6. Terrific selection of yellows. Excellent choices, all!

  7. I'd forgotten about Yaffles! We have them around here, but I have no pictures. A couple came into the garden once, pecking around for ants on the lawn, but I was too slow.

    Normally we just hear that 'laughing' cry of theirs as we walk over the fields with the dogs.

    Sweet little girl in the picture! The hat suits her!

  8. Thank you Tumblewords:-)
    Jay - I looked out of the window one day at work and saw six Yaffles on the grass. That made my day. The little girl is my youngest granddaughter, Eve, and she's as delightful as she looks.


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