Wednesday 20 October 2010

F1 models - help needed!

Mark is one of the charming vets who look after our animals' health. In his spare time he  builds 1/12 scale F1 models from scratch. They are mainly from the 70s with some from the 60s and some from the 90s and later. He builds them for his own interest, each one representing a year's work from start to finish. They are not working models and are intended for museum display - indeed, he has been invited to display at the world-famous National Motor Museum at Beaulieu in Hampshire, UK.
Image copyright M R Oakley

In the photograph, from top to bottom:
1969 Lotus 49B
1972 McLaren M19C
1975 Hesketh 308 
1974 Ferrari 312B3

Each model is 12" - 14" long (30 -36 cms)

Mark's meticulous approach involves photographing the original machines with permission, drawing his own engineering plans, and ensuring that the model he subsequently produces is as faithful to the original as he can make it. To this end all bodywork is removable so that the engineering can be seen and the underside of each car is carefully replicated. 

By posting this blog I hope to draw attention to some of Mark's requests. If anyone can help or knows someone who could be of assistance I know he would be most appreciative.

1: He is looking for someone able and willing to print a small number of single decal sheets with a large proportion of white, using an Oki printer. The decals are all smaller than approx 30mm to suit a 1/12 scale model racecar subject. The artwork would be supplied, or be drawn up by the same person with use of an Oki printer.
2: He would be able to supply only basic artwork and photos of the desired end product (decal) and would appreciate someone with a drawing program such as Coral Draw or similar, to produce the digital artwork prior to printing on an Oki printer, with draft copy on plain paper for my final assessment before committing to the Oki printed material on the appropriate (Oki style) water-slide medium. Fee to be discussed, hoping to keep this realistic.
3:  He is very keen to see an Hewland TL200 gearbox from a Grand Prix car or Sports Car, in the UK, preferably out of the car on the floor/bench to measure and photograph for a scale model.
4: On an unrelated subject, he is keen to acquire a (spare/no longer wanted) FAI Home security on/off hand held remote control, preferably from the UK.

I shall be posting this in various formats (ie: with different illustrations) throughout the next few weeks in the hope that someone will be able to help.


  1. They are beautiful to look at - I would like to collect those!

  2. What a painstaking but rewarding hobby! I certainly wish Mark well with it, and hope your blog post results in some help for him.

  3. What a clever and talented vet you have there. Those models are incredible! Hope you find someone with the know-how to help.

  4. The models are beautiful and look perfect to me.

  5. They are impressive models! I hope you can find someone to help!


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