Thursday 14 October 2010

Anipal Photo Hunt #9: Compromising Positions

When Monty was a kitten his health was compromised by osteomyelitis and his activities were compromised by his Elizabethan collar
Later on he conducted his fair share of compromising his canine companions. Here he is lording it over Frodo. Sadly, Monty's life was very short and he died from congestive heart failure earlier this year. He was three years old. 
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  1. Oh, the darling wee boy. He was so lovely. And wasn't Frodo sweet to allow himself to be lorded-over in such a manner?
    Thank you for sharing Monty with us, Janice.

    Kay, Alberta

  2. Hi. Thanks for commenting on our blog, it's nice to meet you.

    We noticed on your profile that you're from Berkshire. We're from Berkshire too.

    Monty was a very handsome chap. We're sorry that he had to leave for the bridge so soon xxx

  3. Those collars certainly look uncomfortable.
    Frodo was most tolerant of his kitty companion.

  4. Monty's such a lovely cat. Monty's and Frodo's spots complimented each other. Love that picture of them resting together.

  5. Oh bless the collar doesn't spoil his handsomeness. What a lovely family.

  6. Thanks aunt Janice,
    We are glad u liked our post:)
    What a sweet picture of Frodo and Monty!
    So sorry he had to leave so soon...
    wags, buddy n Ginger

  7. It's so hard to lose a pet -no matter how long they've shared their time with us. Lovely picture of both animals.
    (word verification apt: swooff)

  8. Monty was sure a beautiful one! Frodo looks content! Happy Sunday!

    Hugs & smoochies! XOXO


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