Friday 15 October 2010

Friday 55 Flash Fiction

‘I’ll put the rubbish out,’ he said. ‘I’ll just be a minute’ and with that he disappeared for half an hour. When he came downstairs again he headed for the front door.

 I said nothing, just waited. He returned, looking rather sheepish. ‘I see you’ve already done it.’

Time and rubbish wait for no man!

Friday Flash 55 is hosted by Mr Knowitall  


  1. hehe. hey wait a minute...smiles. fun 55.

  2. I wish my husband had the grace to look sheepish. When I ask him to do something of that sort, he says "Yeah, yeah, I'll do it in a minute" and he knows full well I'll end up doing it myself.
    You have just described, in 55 words, why wives do more things around the house than husbands do.
    Good job, Janice!

    Kay, Alberta

  3. It is similar in the other part of the world too!


  4. Sounds like you've fallen for one of the oldest tricks of men - delaying a chore so long that somebody else does it.

    The only trick older than that one is doing a chore so incompentantly that you're never again asked to do it.

  5. My kids get made when I do that. I pay them per load.

  6. Oh, I've SO been there. it's the old "I was just going to do that..."

  7. Jabblog...
    Blogger may have eaten My comment.
    Thank you for playing today.
    I love reality 55's
    Have a Kick Ass Week-End....G

  8. ha! even across the oceans men have the "rubbish" issue! Nice 55! what pretty dogs as well!


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