Friday, 23 April 2010

Weekend Mailbox #2

I'm using 'Postbox red' for this post!
These stamps were sent to me last year by Sarah from 'Circles of Rain'.
It may not be possible to read the information so I have reproduced it below:-

The earliest known surviving posting slot was placed in the wall of Wakefield Post Office in 1809. Britain's first roadside pillar boxes appeared in the early 1850s but, in remote and less populated areas, a cheaper and more practical alternative was needed, resulting in the development of smaller post boxes. Initially, they were installed in walls, buildings or brick pillars; later designs were also attached to lamp posts.
At the top right hand corner: Early posting slot Wakefield (1809)
From left to right:-
George V Type B wall box; Edward VII Ludlow box; Victorian lamp box; Elizabeth II Type A wall box

Thank you to Gemma from 'Greyscale Territory' for originating and hosting this entertaining meme. To see more - or even to join in - please click here.


  1. Interesting-and familiar! Hope you have a lovely weekend!

  2. This is so fascinating! A stamp representing the earliest UK post boxes! I have never seen this before! Thank you so much for joining in this meme! Have a great weekend!

  3. We also have red mail boxes in Belgium. In Germany they are yellow. My grandma on visit in Brussels was looking for a mailbox to post her letter. After a while she came back and complained that she couldn't find one single mail box but she had seen plenty of fire extinguishers which looked like mailboxes !

  4. Nice mailboxes and yes they look very english. Great to see them from that part of the world. BTW I love your header and quote

  5. I've noticed only the free-standing red English mailboxes. I like the ones shown on the stamp.

  6. Thank you folks :-)

    Gattina, that really made me giggle . . .

  7. What a cool stamp - incorporating the different mailboxes! Very nice!


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