Thursday, 1 April 2010

SkyWatch Friday Season 4 Episode 38 - from the car

Last Saturday Elliot, Eve and Louis came to spend the night at our house as Nina and Gareth were going out. I volunteered to pick them up - they live about 45 minutes away from us on a good day. (If the traffic is bad it can take more than twice as long to reach their house.)
I try to remember to take my Canon Ixus with me whenever I go out and so suggested the children might like to take some photographs as we drove along. It was about 5:30 and the sky was quite dramatic - I think the children's shots capture that.
The first one was taken by Elliot.
Eve took the second one.
Louis took the last two.

We had a most enjoyable evening, watching 'Robots' and then 'Up' and went to bed far too late!
We decided that Foxy is a dead ringer for the yellow dog in 'Up'(whose name I can't remember) and have been giggling about it ever since.
Our thanks go to the hardworking SkyWatch team for their sterling efforts in hosting this meme. Click here to see wonderful skies from around our beautiful world.


  1. Lovely drive by shoots.

  2. What dramatic skies!! Terrific captures, Janice! I loved UP too! Wishing you a very Happy Easter weekend!!


  3. How dramatic! Wonderful color saturation...thanks for sharing.

    Creativity--Bits and Pieces

  4. Lovely sky shots. The children did a good job. I saw the full moon last night-it was so bright! Your moon post is most interesting!

  5. The children have taken beautiful and dramatic pictures, - good for them. Sounds as if you had a lovely evening. A Happy Easter...

  6. As a hydrologist I approve of these photos! Lots of blue sky for England. (What's your local stream or river by the way?)

  7. Superb, how nature unfolds a new drama every day... even in the sky...

    Greetings and Happy Easter from Pixellicious Photos

  8. The skies look quiet scary ! and the children did a very nice job !

  9. Great lowering cloud cover above! By the way, your Winston (November blog) looks very much like our Missy! (Portrait of a kitten about a month ago). How old is Winston, I wonder.

  10. Wonderful sky shots--very dramatic. Your children have good eyes for food shots! I especially like photos taken from inside the car.

  11. Elliot, Eve and Louis take very nice photos. I bet they were pleased to see you upload them onto your blog!

  12. Thank you one and all.
    Robert: local rivers are Blackwater and Cut; further afield the Emm Brook and further still, the Kennet and of course, we live in the Thames Valley!
    Margaret: I looked back to find Missy - what a pretty girl. Winston is 3 now.
    EG Wow - they were quite impressed with their efforts, I must say.


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