Friday 16 April 2010

SkyWatch Friday Season 4 Episode 40

Thank you to the SkyWatch team for hosting this meme. Click here to see more heavens.


  1. teh anture is wonderful...a bird flying...a tree..the is marvelous.
    Thanks for sharing
    have a nice day

  2. Ha! You're photos made sing "Skyline Pigeon"!

  3. Oh, the feeling of freedom: to be a bird among the clouds.

  4. Lone mallard in flight,
    patch of white clouds in blue sky—
    hear them singing, child?

    My Sky

  5. Wow!! Great shot wish I could do that too. Happy weekend!

    SWF~Blue puffy sky

  6. Great shots, Janice!! Love the clouds and trees and the bird in flight is just gorgeous! Hope you have a great weekend!


  7. What a beautiful sky it looks so familiar to me and the bird flew by just in the right moment, lol !

  8. Pretty skies over the greenery and I like the extra interest of the birds in two of the photos.

  9. Your header, then, is symbolic of near where you live, I wonder? Heathrow? I wonder how long this cloud will keep 'planes on the ground.....nice that you can hear the birds, for a change! I like the stands of trees as you show them in your sky shot!


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