Thursday 15 April 2010

Winston’s sad April blog 2010

Monty as a kitten
 Winston here . . . no p'rrrrr, p'rrrrr today.

Monty isn't coming home ever again and we're all so sad.
Monty loved Jenna 
Monty really enjoyed training Gus - dogs need to learn their place!
 His heart was too big, his kidneys couldn't cope and he was just too tired.
Mark-the-Vet and all the nurses at Kynoch did their very best but Monty simply couldn't cope.

Above all he loved people . . .
My Humans say that he had a short life and a merry one – he was a very big personality - but they are so sad . . .

I'm sad - I've lost my friend and companion  - Monty was fun, he was lovely to snuggle with, he washed the bits I couldn't reach, but it was his time to travel on into stardust . . .
don't think I'll be lonely – there are lots of people here to keep me busy and happy – but sometimes a cat just needs another cat. I'll keep you posted.

RIP Monty - 20.11.2006 - 15.04.2010


  1. Oh Janice, I am so very sorry to hear about Monty. A short but happy life. My best wishes, Sylvia.

  2. So sorry. Brought a tear to my eye.
    Hope you have alovely memorial service for Monty

  3. Thank you Sylvia and Mo. It feels very strange without him.

  4. Janice (and Winston)--I am terribly sad to hear about Monty. Having lost two of my mogs last year, I can express my sympathy earnestly. It sounds like Monty had a good life, though, which is all we can really ask for.

    I was really quite teary-eyed after reading Winston's post, but have to say that the pet rules then cheered me up. I think I'm going to post them on the fridge for our lot.

  5. Candace - thank you.
    What clever animals you have to be able to read the rules! I just hope they abide by them.


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