Saturday, 3 April 2010

Camera Critters #104, Pet Pride - good dogs!

Good dogs - sitting to attention!
They're not waiting for treats - they're watching the ball!
From left to right: Jenna, 4 years old, Gus, 7 months old, Foxy, 4 years old, Tia, 8 years old.
Jenna and Gus live with us. Tia and Foxy are on holiday with us.
Change of order!
From left to right: Jenna, Foxy, Tia, Gus
Thank you to the organisers of Camera Critters and Pet Pride for organising and hosting these memes and CONGRATULATIONS to Pet Pride on its second anniversary!
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  1. Lovely photo of all of them sitting to attention!

  2. Beautiful shots. They are awesome.

  3. Hahaha, what a funny picture ! watching the game !

  4. By the way, it's Camera Critters that is having its second anniversary... ;-)

  5. They look so obedient! Amusing and lovely picture!

  6. Amazing that you managed to get all 4 dogs sitting still at one time! Quite an achievement! And their big strong bags look quite awesome lined up together! Great idea!

  7. I just love how they are congregating made me smile and smile ha sandy

  8. What lovely pictures of all the dogs!

    I would like to wish you and your family
    Many Easter Blessings and have you a great Easter!

  9. I really love these photos!!
    they're so adorable

  10. Lovely photos Janice, you've certainly got their attention.

  11. Thank you all. LadyFi - I'm blushing! I really should pay more attention.

  12. LOL ... I love this shot! Molly would be sitting right there in the same way ... mesmerized by the ball!
    Hugs and blessings,

  13. What a fantastic photo! What good doggies!


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