Sunday, 11 April 2010

Winston’s mid-April blog 2010

Me and Monty like to curl up together. Can you see that he's licking my ear? My Humans don't do that for me . . . :-/
Winston here . . . p'rrrrr, p'rrrrr . . .

It's been very busy in our house this weekend. All six of the younger Humans stayed here last night so there was lots of noise and coming and going. Me and Monty like it when they come 'coz they play with us and give us treats but Monty didn't feel like playing. He hasn't been eating much either so I've been helping him finish his share of the food – yum! 

Me and Monty curled up together in our bed upstairs last night and today he didn't have anything to eat - he just wanted to sleep. Well, the Humans started worrying and watching him really close and Monty was ever so quiet. They kept talking about his breathing and looking at how I was breathing and then they took him to see the vet-on-duty (it's Christopher today) and he said that he'd take an x-ray and some blood for tests. (I hope they didn't take too much blood – we can't spare much really!) Then Christopher-the-Vet said he'd call in Mark-the-Vet 'coz he knows about hearts and things 'coz it might be his heart that's wonky or it might be his lungs. He's only three years old, just like me - I don't understand it. Christopher-the-Vet said Monty would have to stay there tonight 'so they could keep an eye on him'. (How does that work? Do they tape an eye to his fur?) 

So I'm feeling a bit low 'coz I'm missing my friend. The Humans are lovely and all but they're not cats and they won't lick me where I can't reach and cuddle up in that special cat way. I spect I'll sleep on one of the Human's beds tonight.

I'm sad. I'll let you know what happens.


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