Wednesday, 14 April 2010


Barry just phoned to find out if his prescription is ready. (Capsaicin cream for his wonky knees – magic!)
The veterinary receptionist was most polite and managed not to guffaw!


  1. I think my husband did something similar last year!!

  2. Easy mistake to make bless him. If he had needed an appointment he'd have most likely got one quicker at the vets.

  3. Dunno sometimes the health system makes me think we'd be better off going to the vet.

  4. Thanks all :-)
    The standards of care and hygiene in veterinary hospitals are higher and more stringent than in many NHS hospitals and the reception/administrative staff are friendlier and more helpful.

  5. Hahahahahaha!!! I used to be a vet nurse and yes, we had some odd calls. We even had a few people sitting in the chairs in the waiting room surrounded by dogs and cats who still managed to think we were the doctors!


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