Thursday, 8 April 2010

SkyWatch Friday Season 4 Episode 39 - a beautiful April dawn in UK

It was a beautiful morning and I was so grateful to Buddy Liver Spots for getting me up early today so that I could see the night receding and the day creeping into life.
It was not the first dawning of day but it was very pretty.
The air was pure and clear
Con trails from early morning flights from Heathrow dissipated rather than hanging in the air
The  daybreak fulfilled its promise and a beautifully warm, sunny and calm day followed
Thank you to the hard-working SkyWatch team that organises and hosts this meme. More wonderful skies can be seen here.


  1. Ah such clear and wonderful skies, a portent of bright clear days ahead, we hope. Thanks, J.

  2. What lovely, peaceful skies, Janice! And you captured them beautifully, as always! And, of course, I love all those bare trees silhouetted against the sky, as usual! Perfect! Have a terrific weekend! Enjoy!


  3. Beautiful sky silhouette!

  4. Nice series of shots. Very pretty sky. I esp like the first shot with the lavender tones.

  5. Such serene skies make a wonderful beginning to a new day! Beautiful photos!

  6. Some mornings it's a pleasure to get up early, isn't it? Nice shots!

  7. The tracery of the trees is so delicate and beautiful against the background of the morning sky.

  8. Lovely lavender skies - not long until those trees have leaves!

    PS love the cups in the last post xo

  9. I love dawns and you have captured the freshness
    of the time beautifully.

  10. Feels like Spring has really arrived. Lovely colours to the skies in London too

  11. I love looking at the sky, especially if it's as blue as in your pictures!
    For the swap, not many people were interested so I'm having a giveaway instead.

  12. This is beautiful and it looks like so serene. Happy weekend!


  13. The gradient colors of the sky makes a perfect background for the tree silhouettes!

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