Wednesday, 28 April 2010

Poor Gordon!

Oh dear - poor Gordon has put his foot in it! An unguarded remark in what he considered to be the privacy of his car has caused great offence. He described a voter as 'bigoted' - whether or not she is is not really the question. His private opinions should be expressed only after he has ensured that his microphone has been disconnected. He tried to blame his staff for arranging the meeting with her - but he should be responsible for his actions and words.He phoned the voter and apologised immediately he realised his gaffe but now has an even larger mountain to climb to convince the public that he is 'the man for the job.'
Poor Gordon! I bet this is not the rewarding job he thought it was going to be . . . but really . . . don't insult the voters - at least not in public hearing.
No doubt we'll all have our ears pinned back to catch any slips of the tongue from the other potential Prime Ministers. Congratulations to the many political commentators who have reported this event with straight faces! 


  1. Your election is gathering interest here. Your politicians behave strikingly similar to ours. However, all British mistakes are superseded in our news by the gaffs of politicians here in Canada, and there have been many lately. ;)

  2. Yes, indeed. Gordon Brown opened his mouth and put his foot right in it, didn't he? And then to blame his staff? Good grief ... if he can't be responsible for what comes out of his own mouth, how are we to allow him responsibility for the whole country and our safety?

    And in my opinion, he did himself a whole lot of no good when he looked so damned smug coming out of that poor woman's house after getting her to accept his apology.


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