Tuesday 13 April 2010

Face of the Week #7 Cariadd

Cariadd was our first Dalmatian. She was brought up with Jack Russells so always thought she was a small dog! Because she came from Wales we wanted to give her a Welsh name. Cariadd is Welsh for 'Darling' or 'Dearest'. She was a sweet dog, given to carrying huge logs - almost telegraph poles - which gave her problems at the forest 'gates' but she always managed to work out how to manoeuvre them through. She was 16 when she died.
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  1. What a sweet face.
    Sunny :)

  2. Cariadd was a beautiful girl! Very cute. Wow - 16 years of age, she must have had excellent care, that is pretty 'up there' in years! Love the thing with the stick - she may have thought herself a small dog because of the Russells but big enough for huge sticks. Love it. Thanks so much for visiting my blog and also for participating in 'Face of the Week' this week. Much appreciated!

  3. Now that must be interesting to have a Dalmatian that thinks she's a small dog. I wonder what trouble she could get into!

  4. Oh, how sweet, what a cute face. Sorry about the loss.

    My daughter has a mama dalmatian, and she has given lots of pups. We kept two and we lost them...


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