Sunday, 9 August 2009

The bat that flies at close of eve . . .

This evening we thought at first there was a large moth flying very fast around our sitting room. Too big, too fast - we couldn't capture it on film! Suffice to say our sitting room is free of insects . . . and the cats and dogs didn't react - obviously their sonar is not up to it. What a privilege though to have a bat flitting round our living quarters. This has never happened before - we count ourselves lucky to see an occasional bat flying overhead. Wow! We think it found access through the Velux window in the kitchen. (Note to self - have camera at the ready at all times . . . and learn to react speedily . . . ) My goodness, still thrilled (what a sad life I lead . . . ;-))


  1. Oooh - a BAT in your house? We would have woofed our heads off!! We go a bit 'dolally' even if there's just a fly in the room - he he he! We look forward to you possibly capturing this amazing creature on film. Schnauzer snuggles - JD and Max.

  2. I can only assume they were all (cats and dogs)so full of chicken wings that slumber overcame their usual reactions! (sigh) Hope the robbers don't visit tonight! ;-)

  3. How exciting. We used to rent a holiday cottage where the owners left a big net on a pole because bats often came indoors, we didn't see any I,m afraid

  4. Not sure I'd appreciate a regualar visitation of bats, Chris ;-)

  5. How exciting, I would be so startled at such a sight I probably would forget to get my camera. I used to see bats flying overhead quite regularly years ago but they have long since moved on. Thank you for your visit and for leaving such nice comments on my blog. Appreciated them very much. Have a great week.

  6. I'd have been excited too! We do get them here....but outdoors.

    I'm very behind with everyone's blogs, just managing visits now.


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