Wednesday 26 August 2009

Winston’s short quick August blog update

Winston here . . . p'rrrrr, p'rrrrr . . .
Thought you'd like to know I'm supplementing my diet. Caught and ate a spider yesterday – bit peppery in parts but that'll teach Mrs H to restrict my food intake don'tcha know.
(Note from Mrs H – if Winston's going to eat spiders I'll cut his food even further!)


  1. Aww Poor Winston. Let your momma know that spiders are low in calories. =)

  2. Yuk! I can just imagine the crunching through legs......shudder.

    My word verification is 'catta' - how appropriate!

  3. Kathy - yes, but high in protein ;-)
    Gennasus - I stood well back . . . (love the verification. . . )


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