Tuesday 4 August 2009

Benson RIP

Benson, Britain's biggest common carp, has been found floating on the surface of his home lake. He was voted the country's favourite carp by 'Angler's Mail' and had been caught 63 times. He was introduced into Bluebell Lakes near Peterborough in 1995 and was thought to be between 20 and 25 years old.

He was a challenge for anglers, many of whom tried for years to land him, pose with him for a photograph and then release him. Weighing in at 29kg, about 64lb, he was the size of a nine-year-old child.

It is thought that uncooked nuts may have been used as bait and caused Benson's untimely demise. Anglers across the country are saddened by his passing.


  1. Poor old carp and I never knew a fish could live to be that old. I think my old Dad would have fallen in with shock if he had caught Benson on the end of his line.

  2. It's cetainly specialist fishing!


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