Sunday 9 August 2009

Today's Flowers #52

There are many pink flowers in the garden right now.

Antirrhinum, commonly called 'snapdragon' and a flower I knew as a child as 'rabbits' mouths' or 'bunny rabbits'

Japanese anemone - there is a white variety, too, but we only have the pink ones

In our pond, along with the fish, frogs, newts, duckweed . . . and so on and so on . . . houttuynia 'Chameleon' thrives

Lacecap hydrangea (Hydrangea macrophylla normalis) - I've lost the label so can't name it

Stargazer lily (Lilium 'Stargazer') - very showy with a heady perfume

Sweetly scented pink climbing rose - again I've lost the label :-(

This is the first anniversary of 'Today's Flowers' - congratulations!
Thank you to Luiz Santilli Jr. for creating this meme and to Luiz, Denise Gullickson, Laerte Pupo and Valkyrien for hosting it each week.


  1. You have a Happy flower garden over there. I love the pinky shade of the blooms. Great springtime indulgence. Thanks for the visit. Yes, it is a rare orchids indeed! I was very lucky to be allowed to photograph it along with the rests that I posted last week, I think? Or the week before.

  2. I love all your pink and pink-tinged flowers! Thanks for sharing your photos.

  3. All ae so pretty in pink! I hope my Japanese anemones bloom soon!

  4. You have such beautiful flowers. I love snapdragons and all the rest are beautiful too.

  5. Gorgeous pinks! What a delight for the eyes!

  6. They are all beautiful but the Hydgangea is a dream.

  7. What a lovely display of flowers from your garden. Thanks for sharing them. All so beautiful!

  8. How beautifully colour-coordinated your garden is :)

  9. Thank you all so much. It's amazing what a bit of editing can achieve ;-)


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