Sunday 2 August 2009

Pet Pride - Burmese cats

Many years ago we acquired a brown Burmese kitten and were encouraged by her breeders to mate her. Kittens are adorable and we couldn't resist keeping one - or two! We bred four or five litters from AliCat and her chocolate daughter Sweet Pea. Kittens that didn't settle in their new homes came back to us and each of our four children had a favourite so we soon found ourselves with nine cats. Alicat also made her own arrangements on a couple of occasions with a disreputable-looking Tom cat. (I do wish people would neuter their free-roaming cats!)He must have had something about him for his offspring were beautiful. AliCat's first half-Burmese were black and would have passed as Bombay cats (a planned cross between a Burmese and an American Shorthair)
The following photographs are quite old and not very good quality but I hope they give some idea of the sleek beauty of these fantastic cats. Burmese cats are talkative, responsive and extremely affectionate.

This is AliCat's first litter. There were three browns and two chocolates. We kept a brown boy, Herbert, and his chocolate sister, Sweet Pea. Their blue eyes turned yellow later.
This is Pansy, a blue kitten from AliCat's second litter. She stayed with us and grew into a beautiful and affectionate companion. She had the softest eyes but went completely blind in her last year of life and her eyes lost their expressiveness.
Like most cats Burmese will seek out warm spots. The top of the aquarium was a great place to hang out. Not only was it warm but there was always a slight chance of a quick snack!

There are seven cats in this photograph. From left to right: Angus (lilac); Clown (chocolate); Pansy (blue); Alicat (brown); Magic (chocolate); Sweet Pea (chocolate); Singleton (blue)

Thank you to Bozo and his human for initiating and hosting this meme.

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  1. I love the photo of the cats on the aquarium. We had a cat who liked the very same spot. Unfortunately, the top was a bit flimsy and over time began to sag. I was right there to witness the scene one day when it sagged a little more... Then a little more... Then broke and spilled the kitty into the water. Didn't have my camera, though.

    She climbed out quite hastily and the fish were fine, though curious about the cat hairs floating in their water after she left.

  2. My mum had a lot of Burmese when I was a kid. They are adorable! Love your pets...

  3. Such cute kittens! Love that first shot and the one on the aquarium! What a hoot! Always hoping for a snack!

    Have a great day!

  4. I love kittens with their big paws and big heads (until they grow into them!) These are so cute!

  5. What gorgeous cats/kittens! I love the names you have given them, too.

    Hugs to your cats! Thanks for sharing your story and the photos.

  6. I am not familiar with the Burmese, they do look lovely though.

  7. Hi - wow, 9 cats! Gosh, we wouldn't know which one to chase first, he he he! We loved this post - the photo of the cats gathered on the aquarium is wonderful! Tail wags - JD and Max.

  8. These cats are really sweet. New to me. I like them a lot. Good for people with allergies?

  9. A really pretty and very cute bunch of little kittens!!
    I'll take two.
    Oh no I can't, I have a cat!!
    Max wouldn't like to have other cats moving in.

  10. Thank you for your kind comments folks.
    clairz - that made me laugh! I bet your cat had difficulty maintaining her composure while soaking wet!
    Sandy - no good for allergies I'm afraid! Though they have short coats they do shed quite a lot and used to set two of our children sneezing if they'd been away from home for a while.

  11. They are adorable ! My cats never had kittens I had them neutred when they were 6 months old. But I also have 5, lol ! Couldn't live without cats.
    If you haven't seen mine yet they are here on my cat blog

  12. I love Burmese, my mother-in-law has one and he has the most fabulous nature. Definitely a breed I fancy.....along with those gorgeous Ocicats, of course!

  13. Ocicats are not quite as demanding as Burmese - they have quieter voices and are more careful with their claws. I still like Burmese though ;-}

  14. hey guys.. so proud to have you on board Pet Pride

    Pet Pride


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