Sunday 23 August 2009

Pet Pride - the boys wait . . .

Whenever Barry or I have the temerity to leave the house without the dogs the girls settle down to sleep but the boys wait by the front door urging our return. They squeak from time to time and Frodo occasionally howls which causes Buddy to howl too. Upon our return we are gently nipped, nosed, barged, whipped with hard tails and grinned at.
Frodo the Faller and Buddy Liver Spots

Come on - where have you GOT to?

Buddy: If I put my nose very close to the door I might be able to force their return - magic, you know.

Frodo: Just calm down Buddy - though I suppose a bit of howling might help. What do you say?

Thank you to Bozo and his human for creating and hosting this meme.

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  1. LOL! Magic and howling, eh? Much better to sleep like those wise girls do...

  2. Yes, but when did males ever follow an example set by females? ;-}

  3. Dalmatians carry
    shadows wherever they go—
    great spotted beasties!

    My Shadow Shots

  4. amazing captures security cam ??hahah

  5. I think the Dalmatians ARE the security cam . . . :-)

  6. Your dogs are BEAUTY'S :))
    Lovely story !!

  7. I know the feeling of waiting for someone to return. Did the magic work?

  8. Beautiful dogs, and very cute story!

  9. Our dogs always make it fun to come home -- they're so overjoyed to see us and you can surely feel the love!
    And yours are beautiful! Great shots!

    Enjoy the day -- all of you!


  10. Gallery Juana - I'm sure they think the magic worked!
    Sweet Bay - thank you.

  11. Hello dear friend!
    Happy camera critters and Pet Pride!
    Your blog is always beautiful and full of perfect, funny and adorable pictures!
    purrs and love

  12. Thank you Sylvia - having pets means that you never come home to an empty house or spend time completely alone.

  13. Cezar and Leia - thank you so much :-))

  14. Who wouldn't lovereturning to a grin from those two!

  15. Howling does help a bit, I think.

    licks and sniffs, Sasha

  16. hey you guys are fun! great to have you on Pet Pride

    Pet Pride


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