Saturday 15 August 2009

Camera Critters #71

There was a tiny spider on the conservatory the other day. Although less than 4mm it was a voracious hunter and as I watched it captured a small fly and proceeded to devour it. I don't like spiders generally but this one was so small and rather atttractively patterned.

It is munching the fly in the following photograph, difficult though it is to see.

On the Japanese Anemone a hover fly hovered . . .
A ladybird was busy inside the antirrhinum . . . (this is the only photo that will enlarge . . . no rhyme or reason to it!)
Thanks are due to Misty Dawn for creating this meme and to Misty and Tammy for hosting it.
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  1. Enjoyed your photos. I'm not a bug person but I enjoy other peoples shots of the little critters! Flowers are beautiful.

  2. Thank you Snap - I only really like bugs if they stay outside but the darned things don't always understand that!!

  3. Marvelous MACROS of these tiny critters! Spiders are amazing to watch aren't they?
    Hugs and blessings,

  4. Thank you storyteller - yes - I enjoy them outside where I always encourage the incomers to go!

  5. Lots of bug type critters today. Sounds like the little spider had a big meal.

  6. The spider photo is really cool. I like watching spiders.

    Anne and Sasha

  7. Hi Janice,

    Thanks for visiting Coffee...I noticed the photo of the black she a labrador?

    Like you...I don't like spiders either, but you took a nice photo of it.


  8. Janice: That was a nice set of captures of you insects.


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