Wednesday 26 August 2009

The eternal triangle!

Foxy: C'mon, Dominie, let's play - Jenna's not looking!

Foxy: Oops! Spoke too soon!
Dominie: Mind where you're stepping, Jenna . . .

Foxy: She's gone - c'mon, c'mon . . .

Dominie: Jenna, Foxy's playing with me. No, we don't want to play chew the bone. No, no, we really don't . . .

Foxy: I'm not saying anything.

Dominie: Ignore her - she'll soon go away.
Foxy: . . . but she's my friend - you're my friend - I want to be friends with everyone.
Last evening Gillian and I were in the dining room and we were gradually joined by most of the non-human animals and Barry. The three youngest humans in the house were in bed, supposedly going to sleep. Foxy, Gillian's fox red Labrador was lying next to Dominie and they were playing very gently. Dominie chewed her muzzle and when she stopped Foxy pawed her to ask her to continue. Jenna was trotting around with one of her toys - she has a basket of toys and rootles through each day to find the particular one she wishes to play with, usually taking it to bed with her at night-time. Some days it's a ball, sometimes one of the cat toys (!) at other times a nylon bone. Yesterday it was a stylised red plastic bone. She walked across Dominie and Foxy several times as if she were pointing out her relationship to them both. We could hear her saying, 'Foxy, you're my friend and I play with you. Dominie's my friend and I play with you. You and Dominie can play with me but you can't play with each other.' It was the typical three-girl triangle!
There was no aggression in her activity - she was simply being aggravating. She soon stopped when she realise they were taking no notice of her antics.

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