Saturday, 30 October 2010

Shadow Shot Sunday #128 Me and my shadow

Me and my shadow - or Double Trouble . . .

Thanks to Tracy from 'Hey Harriet' who hosts this weekly meme. Click here to see more shadows.


  1. Great Shot, beautiful dog.

  2. Oh, I love it! What a great, fun shadow shot, Janice! I love the tongue hanging out! And so far!! Definitely a big smile to start the day! Enjoy your weekend!


  3. What a great shot! His tongue... too delicious for words!

  4. wow, look at his tongue! And his fur are sparkling under the blazing sun! =)

  5. That tongue is hysterical! I think that is all we see is that tongue!
    Have a spookalicious day!

  6. What a beautiful and happy doggie! I love Labs, so exuberant and cheerful. The shadow is lovely, I even think I see his tongue hanging out in shadow. A smiley canine!

  7. What a beautiful and happy doggie! I love Labs, so exuberant and cheerful. The shadow is lovely, I even think I see his tongue hanging out in shadow. A smiley canine!

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  9. Oh What a lovely day:)
    Can feel the warmth of the gentle autumn sun:)
    Buddy n Ginger

    p.s.: Mummy says she doesn't, in the least bit, minds this double trouble:)

  10. Fabulous facial expression, Janice! "Just a-movin' along with my shadow, paying no attention to the camera..."

    Kay, Alberta, Canada
    An Unfittie's Guide to Adventurous Travel

  11. wonderful deep shadow!! love the tongue hanging out!

  12. What a happy and carefree shot!

  13. I am running with my tongue
    Flopping to the side,
    Trying to outrun the sun,
    Running far and wide.

    I am running down the road
    Running like the breeze;
    Won’t stop running till I drop
    At my master’s knees.

    © 2010 by Magical Mystical Teacher

  14. So enthusiastic! Great shot!

  15. What a stunning pair of hounds you have, nuthin' happier or more willing to please than a lab. His coat is simply marvelous, like velvet!

  16. That's one of the best pet portraits I've ever seen! Well done and congrats!


  17. The lab looks so happy, and I love the movement and the tongue. Great shadow shot!

  18. Great shadow of a great looking dog! Even his tongue has a shadow!

  19. Gorgeous shot!

    Shadow Shot at my page, hope you can visit. Happy Halloween!

  20. Good looking dog!

    Yeah, that's twice the trouble.

    If you have time, do drop by:

    Eyewear Shadow

  21. I love the blackness of the dog and the blue shadow -
    he really looks like he is in good shape!

  22. The shadow being as dark as the dog makes for a great composition.

  23. Haha! Double trouble looks about right there! Just look at that cheeky face! Go Gus Go!

    Enjoy your weekend!

    PS - I hope your dog is called Gus. I'm guessing so due to 'Gus' being a label :)

  24. your shadow is as impressive as you are
    and I love that tongue hanging out!! didn't Michael Jordan do that when he played

  25. What a handsome and happy boy!! Great SS:)

  26. Awesome shadow pic - and such a beautiful dog


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