Sunday, 6 June 2010

Today’s Flowers #96 – perennial geranium

We have two colour forms of perennial geranium. The  other one is purple and is not yet in flower. These geraniums are wonderful because they need no  special care - they appear and spread and flower for months. This pink one has travelled across our pond so is now blooming on both sides. The foliage is quite dense which means that they make good ground cover and weeds are less likely to emerge.
Thanks go to the Today's Flowers team for their weekly organisation and hosting of this lovely meme. To see more blooms around the world please click here.


  1. What a wonderful macro. The color is so pretty and a great style.

  2. How beautiful. I didn't even know there was a perennial geranium.

  3. I agree about these plants. They are a trouble free great perennial. There are a couple of new ones with dark foliage and blue flowers that look really nice.

  4. I love your perennial geranium. One of my favorite colors.

  5. I love geraniums for the very reasons you mention! I have this colour and a lovely dark purple one and they both spread like mad!

  6. I grow cranesbill geraniums too and like them very much. I have a few that bloom only once and several that bloom all summer. I'd say beside your pond is an ideal location for them!

  7. It's beautiful and a super macro beauty. Happy Sunday!

    My Flowers

  8. Very pretty little flower, our geramnin for some reason is being eaten up alive by some sort of bug that I can never find! Driving me nuts.

    Thank you for visiting my blog. :)

  9. The good thing about Today's flowers is you get to know a lot about flowers, their names, specie, their characteristic and I thank you for sharing information about geraniums

  10. I like your blog,... nice post keep blogging...

  11. so pretty. I'm waiting for my purple one's to appear - love them as they are so easy.

  12. How beautiful! Thanks so much for sharing it. I am thinking perhaps I ought to get something as hardy so that it could withstand my toxic thumb ;) Oh how I wish for a green one!

  13. Great photo - the leaves frame the flowers so nicely.

    I love these things! We have two varieties, a blue one which I bought from a nursery and which doesn't seem so good for ground cover, and a pink one which I bought from a roadside stall.

    It was in a large pot, and I divided some off and put it back and planted the 'cuttings' around the garden. I now have two long borders full (which I never, ever have to weed), several spot plantings AND the original pot has filled itself up again.

    A bonus is that they smell great, too!


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