Monday 14 June 2010

Face of the Week #16 Daisy

Sistertex from 'Spacial Peepol' organises and hosts this lovely meme.
Daisy was born in our bedroom on August 13th, 1978, the only bitch in a litter of five Jack Russell puppies. If you're interested in knowing a little more about her you can find out here.


  1. Daisy is a photogenic little dog, so adorable, and I enjoyed reading her story.

    An English Girl Rambles.

  2. Wow a great photo of a wonderfully spunky girl! I read her story and was totally blown away that she found her way back to you....what a relief that must have been.

    A truly marvelous face for 'Face of the Week' this week. Thank you so much for sharing her face and her story! Thanks so much participating in 'Face of the Week' this week. Hope your week is wonderful!

  3. What a cutie! It would be hard not to love her.

  4. What a cute face and quintessential "puppy eyes" in this photo!

  5. Great face on Daisy. Those ears look great for stroking.

  6. Beautiful sweet Daisy.What an Adorable, Cuddly,irresistible face...


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