Saturday, 12 June 2010

Shadow Shot Sunday #108

Blue tit in oak tree
One of the last flowers on Kerria japonica
Climbing rose 'Warm Welcome'
Tracy from 'Hey Harriet' organises and hosts this entertaining meme. Thank  you, Tracy! To see more shadow shots please click here.


  1. Your shadows are refreshing and inviting as I hide in my house from a hot wind.

  2. Gorgeous flowers. I'm fond of roses, but new to growing them. Mine are bushes. Are the climbing varieties hard to maintain?

  3. I love that tree! And the the flowers too, oh I love them all. Nice shots to share!

  4. A climbing rose that is one of my dream to have it. Happy Sunday!

    Running Squirrel

  5. Delightful shadow shots, Janice! Love the colors of the flowers! Hope your weekend is going well!


  6. Love the macro shots that really do show wonderful shadows!

  7. Lovely shadows to be looking at on a very cold Winters day.

  8. Lovely shots ! I really felt 'warmly welcomed'!

  9. Lovely shadows. 'Warm Welcome" is a gorgeous rose!

  10. tete-a-tete—
    great oak tree chats with
    wee blue tit

    Shadowy Pergola

  11. What a beautiful image of the climbing rose, always my favorites!

  12. Lovely soft play of shadows round the tree foliage and flowers!

  13. Cute little birdie! I adore that second flower photo. It's dreamy!

    Enjoy the rest of your weekend :)

  14. Our oak tree is now bare of leaves, while yours is full. Wonderful images here - the warmth glows through.

  15. lovely shadow shots!

  16. Great photos!
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