Wednesday 23 June 2010

ABC Wednesday W is for Wondering and Worrying

Thank you to Denise Nesbitt and her Willing Workers Who organise and host this Weekly meme. To see more Ws please click here.
Since early Monday morning this Scottish racing pigeon has been feeding and drinking several times a day in our garden.
She seems undisturbed by the presence of other birds. This young starling is drinking, lifting its beak to swallow. Pigeons and doves don't need to do this and so they can drink continuously.
One foot in, one foot out! Our dogs do this with their food bowls to stop them slipping. Perhaps she's doing the same thing.
I think Woodpigeons are handsome birds but I have to admit they'd come second in a beauty contest with a homing pigeon.
I've read that stray racing pigeons Will feed and rest and then resume their journey after a couple of days. This pigeon is Worrying me now. She has been here for three days. She has eaten heartily and drunk the fresh water I put out daily for the birds. I know she can fly and I saw her preening her feathers this afternoon. The advice is to capture strays and put them in a safe container, like a cat carrier, but this bird sits on our roof  and basks in the sun and When she's feeding she's looking around Warily every few seconds, though she seems less Worried With each passing day. What is really Worrying me, though, is that the Woodpigeons are getting bolder. Last evening two of them were tentatively pecking at her as all three gobbled seed. She didn't seem concerned, didn't attempt to retaliate and calmly carried on eating.
If she's still about tomorrow I'll contact the Pigeon Fancy and ask for advice. Maybe she's decided she likes it here - free food and no races!


  1. Great shots for the W day! They do seem to be wondering and worrying, don't they! Beautiful birds! Hope your week is going well, Janice!


  2. Your photography is amazing.

    Beautiful birds.

  3. Hope you post updates - curious to see how this ends. Would the green tag on her foot provide any clues?

  4. we have so many pigeons; i feed them nothing, but they're still around.

    good luck.

    ROG, ABC Wednesday team

  5. Fantastic photos. I'd be interested in knowing what develops from this story -


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