Sunday 6 June 2010

Pet Pride - Winston models his harness!

We bought a harness for Winston yesterday. There were only two colours to choose from and we thought  purple might suit him better than pillar box red! He was very cautious on his first outing and kept very low to the ground. He miaoued with every step!
Today was a little better but shortly after these photos were taken he slipped out of his harness and disappeared round the side of the house. There were some interesting sniffs there but he was happy to be picked up and cuddled.
Then he went back indoors to join Frodo . . .
. . . and Gus joined them.
Pet Pride is organised and hosted by Bozo and his human in Mumbai. Why not click here to see more wonderful pets - and maybe join in?


  1. hey winston you sure hate to be harnessed huh?!!

    Woof woof
    from Bozo
    Pet Pride

  2. Winston looks really handsome in the purple harness! Wish I had a colorful one!! Mine is just plain black!!!

    Sam Schnauzer

    I don't wear a harness!! My Dad trusts me to stay close to him when we walk!!


    Oh, yeah, we know how perfect you are, Mojo!!


  3. Hey, don't worry, Sam - Gus has a harness too - black to match his coat! One day he might walk quietly by my side . . . one day . . .

  4. I've never seen a cat harness before. I love the color. I hope Winston gets used to it soon.

  5. I tried one of these on Cassie shortly after we got her and she just laid down and wouldn't move-another waste of money purchase! Are you taking Winston far?

  6. OOPS! Slipped out of his harness? Winston is very, very clever!

  7. Il collare al gatto è veramente delizioso in colore viola... ma è contento di essere tenuto al guinzaglio ?
    Dolcissimo gatto :-))
    Buona giornata.

  8. Ah ! that's so cute ! My cats in and out throught a cat flap, but once I had to buy a harness for Arthur, because another cat had bitten him in the tail and the tail was broken. He was not allowed to go out. It was terrible for our nerves he meauwed one whole day until I bought the harness !! and then he behaved just like yours but when he realized that he could go out with me only with this thing on, he didn't protest anymore and I could walk him !! Cats ... !

  9. Walking a cat is very, very different to walking a dog - muuuuuccccchhhhhh sloooooower - and cats tend to go off at strange angles. No, Sarah, we haven't taken him far but want to get him used to it so that he can come away with us if we ever want to go anywhere.
    Grazie Rosa! Winston sarà più felice quando ottiene usato ad esso ma è un gatto molto placid e non lotta. È un innamorato reale.
    Gattina - your poor Arthur - how painful!

  10. Winston is soo CUTE! Good luck with the harness. I couldn't even keep a collar on my cat, he would keep going into the other room and come back without it! ;)


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