Wednesday, 23 June 2010

Kulula Airlines

Barry received this in an email this morning. Click on the photos for detail - it's worth it!

Nominee for best paint job on an airliner
Kulula is a low-cost South African airline that doesn't take itself too seriously. Check out their new livery.


  1. Wow! That's a lot of green! I like the directional signs saying where everything is located.

  2. Excellent! My kind of plane!
    (but I'd still hate to fly anywhere -- LOL)

  3. This is so cool! I love it! Hawaiian Airlines should do something like this. What fun!

  4. Never seen a green plane, must be for the "Greens", looks funny but I think I would prefer to fly in a more traditional one, lol !

  5. Janice you had me laughing out loud when I looked at these pictures. Thanks for the chuckle. Sign me up for a seat!

    An English Girl Rambles

  6. ROFL That is hilarious. Oh I'm going to send people over to your blog to see these. I love things like the 'mile high club initiation chamber'.
    And what makes it extra funny to us Dutch is the secret agent code. Pik is Dutch slang for penis. I'm just saying.

    Thanks for the belly laugh ;-)

  7. Thanks folks!
    Carolina, thank you for the 'secret code' information - what a hoot!

  8. These are great. I'll be sending my daughter and her husband to your site. They are are both commercial pilots. :)

  9. EGWow - Maybe your daughter and son-in-law will feel inspired to suggest some refurbishment of the aircraft they fly. That would be fun :-)

  10. Could catch on, if you were trying to learn a new language's vocabulary...

  11. I always enjoy some good humor, and airlines can use some. What's wrong with a little fun, right? Just as long as they're serious in the cockpit!


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