Friday 4 June 2010

SkyWatch Friday Season 4 Episode 47 'Not a cloud in the sky'

Unusually for Britain there was not a cloud in the sky yesterday. Actually, I can't really speak for the entire country but Berkshire's skies were certainly cloudless.
Looking straight up . . .
Looking ahead - a slightly different hue
Thank you to the SkyWatch team for their weekly efforts in organising and hosting this meme. To see more skies around our blue world please click here.


  1. A different blue from our skies. That's what I notice every time I travel to Europe and England- not that I travel there often - the sky is a different shade of blue, but blue nevertheless and very beautiful.

    A cloudless day gives a strange sensation as if there is no lid on and you are left wide open. Wonderful. Thanks, Janice.

  2. I love it when the sky is so blue!

  3. Oh, what beautiful clear, blue skies!! I do envy you those today! Lovely captures, Janice! Hope you have a great weekend!


  4. Wow - what fabulous clear blue skies!

  5. Pretty clear blue sky. A great shot!Happy weekend!

    SWF~Dark clouds

  6. What a beautiful sky! I like the second picture. I wouldn't mind walking along that path.

  7. Oh wow! I'm looking outside my window here in Hawaii and the skies are pretty much overcast. I wish it meant rain but we're in a drought situation here. Not good for us but I think the tourists love it.

  8. Great straight up shot! It's almost disorienting to see the sky in a photo with no clouds -- looks like the inside of my head on a worry-free day.

  9. That is gorgeous my friend. I love it :)

  10. Beautiful blue sky!
    Have a happy weekend!

  11. yeah!the sky always appears a different blue from different angles and at different times and at different places. and it is the same sky. isn't nature wonderful?
    if only we humans appreciated her better...
    The second picture makes me think of a leisurely ,long walk with a friend..
    Have a lovely weekend

  12. I follow your blog from Wanda's blog and so glad I did at that!

    The forest is pretty with the blue background and you left me laughing from your post on Raising the Cost of Living...

    You have a very interesting blog here for sure and will be putting a link in my blog to yours.

  13. Hahaha ! that's the same type of sky I had for nearly 2 weeks in Morocco !

  14. It's great to see that clear sky blue, at least once in a while. Nice view over the forest, too.


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