Friday 25 June 2010

haiku my heart friday

I found this meme through Sarah of 'Circles Of Rain' and just as she did, I thought it would be fun. Thank you, Sarah.
Mock orange blossom -
Would it be wise to use it
In wedding bouquets?

Rebecca from 'recuerda mi corazon' organises and hosts this meme. Please click here to read more!


  1. Only at the rehearsals! Clever haiku!

  2. Nice haiku - just what I'd expect from a fellow Dreamy Idealist! Thanks for the link in your side bar...

  3. good morning janice and welcome to haiku my heart friday.

    it is a leap of faith, casting an open net
    hoping to gather beauty.
    wanting the effort to lead simply to more....
    for all of us.

    so lover of words,
    care taker of simplicity
    thank you for the honor of your
    orange essence.

    your efforts have brought me here..
    to you.

  4. That's ok! I like you Haiku and I think the answer would be yes! Though am I missing something about it?
    Have a lovely weekend!

  5. The blossom would be lovely in a wedding bouquets. Excellent haiku and photo! Come visit my post and haiku

  6. but yes, i have hovered here.
    and written a long welcome.
    on my comments yet logged.

    perhaps it was me? perhaps others too have left you their welcome.

    let's see if this one sticks...

  7. Do you want an answer to this question? They are truly beautiful flowers and seems to me can be used anywhere.
    Good stuff!


  8. Well, thank you folks :-)
    Nice to see another 'dreamy idealist' jinksy ;-)

  9. Saw you comment on another blog -then when I clicked on yours -you're looking very young for your age:) Hope I will too, when that moment comes for me.
    Love the pretty white flowers!

  10. LOl..maybe at divorce proceedings ya think? LOL They are one of the best smelling flowers of all. But there sure are a lot of people that can't handle them. :) Great Haiku :)

  11. Thom, you're wicked - but I like you :-)

  12. it has been a glorious day taking in everyones offerings.

    thank you for your mock had me remembering my childhood and the orange groves. how sweet they were...with warm spring breezes.

  13. nice haiku- and I don't know the answer:-)

  14. well, the name might jinx it I guess.

  15. lovely...I can SMELL the mock orange!


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