Sunday 13 June 2010

Camera Critters #114 Hunting!

Something sinister is happening in our murky pond!
Out of the depths slides a swift, silent assassin.
Like a prehistoric nightmare it stalks its prey . . .
. . . its eyes fixed on its target as it stealthily edges forward!
Almost ready to pounce . . .
. . . but the little stickleback, not this one, but one of its offspring, realises at the last second and swims to safety - for now!
We don't often see the newts in our pond so this occasion presented a rare opportunity to photograph them. They are common smooth newts - nothing fancy for us ;-) They are fascinating creatures because  they are able to regenerate limbs and organs. You can read more about them here.
Thank you to Misty Dawn for organising and hosting this lovely meme. If you'd like to see more critters please click here.


  1. It looks too cute to be a predator!

  2. I'm happy the fish got away. ;)
    Thanks for your input on the climbing roses. I've never had one before this spring. Hubby buys them for me because he knows how much I love roses. I now have 5, but he planted the climber in the middle of the other 4, which are not. I'm learning, and yes they do smell wonderful.


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