Monday 14 June 2010

Microfiction Monday #35 Taking tea

Susan from 'Stony River' organises and hosts this weekly meme. She provides a picture and the challenge is to create a story in 140 characters or less – including punctuation! Click here to read more marvels of microfiction – and perhaps join in. It's fun!
Here is this week's picture and my offering.
 'That's hot,' said the monkey.
'What did you expect?' said Alice. 'Iced tea? And by the way taking sugar in your tea can make you go blind.'
(139 characters)


  1. I always put sugar in my tea but can still see very well although with glasses, lol ! I am shortsighted !

  2. Perfect microfiction. I really enjoyed your take on the picture.

  3. Really? Putting sugar in your tea can make one go blind?oh dear...
    what a brave girl...bravo!
    great turn of event, Ellie.

    mine is up
    Have you a FANTASTIC WEEK!

  4. Nice one. I must be okay. I never take sugar.

  5. Monkey thinks, and what would make me go deaf? My 140 story

  6. I think she just wants the sugar for herself...wicked girl.

    Well done!

  7. I think Alice is just pulling his tail. It's so easy to fool a monkey, poor thing.

    Cute story!

  8. Sugar makes him go blind...seems like I've heard something like that for another part of the body!
    Funny funny funny!

  9. What a fun one! I love it! She sounds like a typical demanding woman who sees all men like monkeys. Funny, funny! Hope you have a great week!


  10. Thank you all, kind folks!
    I feel I must explain, in case the joke is a little obscure.
    You go blind if you put sugar in your tea, but only if you leave the spoon in the cup and it pokes you in the eye! Ta da ;-)

  11. Very perceptive viewing of the picture! Of course the poor monkey would put an eye out if he kept his spoon in his cup! I thought it was just manners, now I know it's a matter of safety!

    Loved this MM. Have a great week.

  12. I didn't know that, laught at Peggy's comment. Sorry to be late in visiting.


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