Saturday, 24 April 2010

Camera Critters #107, Pet Pride Walking the dog

Our three younger grandchildren haven't any pets of  their own and enjoy playing with ours when they come to stay. Walking the dog is a favourite activity and Buddy is a good candidate. His eyesight is very poor and so he is always on a lead. It gives him confidence and there's no fear of him heading at speed in the wrong direction. He is a quiet and well-behaved old boy. Here it's Louis' turn to hold the lead. You can see from his face that it is a serious business!
Thank you so much to the organisers and hosts of these two memes. To see more please click on Camera Critters or Pet Pride.


  1. It would appear your grandson is taking this walk seriously because of your dog's delicate health conditions. And, isn't it nice that he understands an older dog still needs a walk and special care?
    Let's hope the grandchildren remember these things about us as we get older. :-)

  2. LOL! How very true . . . old age comes upon us all too suddenly ;-)

  3. I wish I had a dog who would walk nicely with a lead! He goes all wild and jumps, yanking my arm. Off the lead he walks nicely beside you.

    Love the photo, your grandson looks so serious in his duty of walking the dog. =)

  4. Serious business indeed! Both dog and child must enjoy it.

  5. Hey am back guys!
    And guess what?? Pet Pride now has a new look! Do drop by and let me know what you feel about it! And do not forget to link in your posts while there!!
    Cya soon at Pet Pride

    Woof woof
    from Bozo
    Pet Pride

  6. I love the way small children take the task of caring for their animals seriously, at least when it is not too routine. As the photo shows it's a serious business indeed.

  7. nothing I love more than a boy and his pal.sandy

  8. The boy is so adorable and the little critter friend is also so cute!
    Adorable moment, magic picture!
    Happy Pet Pride,

    We love Luna - by Luna

  9. Children do love dogs and dogs love children, they go well together anytime especially when it's playtime.

  10. Buddy and Louis--what an amiable pair & a touching photo really, for many reasons. There's always something 'lively' going on in your world--thanks for sharing!

  11. Louis does look serious while he is wakking your Buddy. Cute photo!

  12. How adorable ! and your grandson looks so full of responsibility to walk Buddy ! It's nice that at least you have pets, I never had one when I was a child, my parents pretended it was too much responsibility (!?) so the first thing I did when I was 21 I didn't say no when a friend offered me a little kitten ! I had to place it with another friend until I was fat up and moved out into my own appartment, lol !

  13. Thank you dear people :-)
    Barry and I have always felt that children need pets. I know it's not always possible for all sorts of reasons but when it happens the bond between animal and child is immeasurable. Children learn tolerance and patience and sharing, sometimes more with animals than their siblings. They also learn compassion and the sadness of a loved one dying.


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