Wednesday 23 September 2009

ABC Wednesday Round 5 J is for Janice

J is for Janice (that's me!) . . . . . . and Jenna (that's her!)

J is for Jamboree, a boisterous frolic, a spree in which some of the following might be involved . . . John Smith's . . .

. . . and Jacob's Creek . . .

. . . and jam which Bonne Maman calls conserve but I've cunningly turned the jar to conceal the word . . .
. . . and jelly which I hadn't made for years until recently when one of my grandchildren, a junior in the tribe, made some one day at our house and reawakened my interest . . .

. . . and jelly babies which another junior tribe member gave me! Are you jealous of all the goodies here? Some of the images are blurry and out of focus - can you wonder with all that booze and sugar?

Thank you to Mrs Nesbitt for this jolly, jaunty meme.


  1. Unfortunately the only jelly I can find in the Netherlands is strawberry flavoured. I would love to try other flavours some day...

  2. Aww what a shame! Shall I send you some? ;-)

  3. Ooooh what a tasty, delicious post for the "J" day! Love your shots, made my mouth water!

    Have a great day!


  4. Thank you Sylvia - I believe in feeding the inner man (and woman)

  5. Wonderful selection of 'J's! Mmmm! Jelly Babies!!

    The picture of you is far too tiny, though. I can't see you properly! LOL!

    Jenna looks lovely though. :)

  6. I hadn't noticed where you were from until after the jetty pic; THAT'S not the US! Ah, the UK. Thanks, Janice.

  7. jay - I don't know why that photo of me is so small - probably just as well ;-)
    hi Roger - I think jam is called jelly in USA. I used to be mightily confused by 'peanut butter and jelly sandwiches' thinking it was the UK form of jelly :-/


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