Tuesday 22 September 2009

Plus Size models

London Fashion Week is agog at the revelation that normal women can look good in designer clothes. Designer Mark Fast used three Plus Size models in his show.
Now, before you all get excited and imagine that the catwalks are awash with size 24 models sashaying proudly and strutting their stuff - or rather, the designers' stuff - bear in mind that in the fashion world a Plus Size model is UK size 12 (please adjust for your particular country!) The average size in UK is 16 and there are many who are much larger than that.
It has long been my contention that a really good designer should be able to construct clothes that look good on all shapes and sizes, not just the 6' skeletal androids that are usually seen prancing along.
Maybe, just maybe, we are seeing the beginning of the smallest concessions to normality and the real world.
Many of the designers who were interviewed declared delight and support for this innovative approach. Betty Jackson, avowing her enthusiasm, when asked if she would use Plus Size models, said that her range was for sizes 8 to 10. Oh, very supportive!


  1. When I was at school we were taught that to find the average of anything, we took the highest number, and the lowest number, and the average was around half way between the two. When it comes to manufacturing clothes they have a whole new set of rules. I was seven and a half stone, wet through, when I married. It was suggested that I was Anorexic at the time!Life has taken it's toll, and now that I cannot get around as well as I once could, the weight has piled on! I still care about my appearance though, and get very frustrated at some of the items available to us ladies who are not only larger, but also getting on in years. An outsized RahRah skirt does NOT appeal. Best wishes.x

  2. I do agree with you Sylvia. Clothes are very expensive and there should be a good range of colours and sizes for all.

  3. Size 12 - Plus Size??!! Why don't designers live in the real world?

  4. Gennasus - I think they live in a hothouse atmosphere of self-congratulation and smug satisfaction - hang on, I'll need to sharpen my nails again now ;-)


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